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Principal:Deidre Hardson

Secretary:Jessica Aviles ([email protected])

Jonas Salk Elementary School

7825 Flanders Drive, San Diego, CA 92126 Phone(858) 935-2100 Fax (858) 935-2149

Hours: 7:45-2:10 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and 7:45-12:15 Thursday


  • Colors: blue and gold in support of our high school ("Life is blue and gold").
  • Our underlying emphasis will be STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in honor of Dr. Salk and in support of the needs of our nation. However, as stated in the Washington Post, "STEM is incredibly valuable, but if we want the best innovators we must [also] teach the arts". Hence, we intend to have art, music, and dance as well [STEAM]. Character Education will be essential to achieving our mission. Teaming and Collaboration will support us in achieving our goals. ALL stakeholders are responsible for ensuring that ALL members of our learning community reach their potential.
  • Our sister school is Mason Elementary, in support of the work of our first principal, many of our teachers and 75% of our student population. The mascot at Mason is the lion.
  • Mascot: A lion in a lab coat with a beaker in his hand. The beaker contains blue liquid. The lab coat sports the Salk logo 'S'. (A draft is in our photo stream).
  • Logo: BLOCK 'S' with "SALK" in the middle and paws on each end.
  • Our symbol is the Sigmoid, which can be seen in our blue and gold Yin-Yang symbol and can been seen on doors and the front of the school @ Jonas Salk Elementary.
  • It reminds us that we will consistently need to grow and change as the world changes and increase our momentum in order to maintain the curve.
  • Jonas Salk's pictographic essay regarding the Sigmoid Curve. In the essay, the sigmoid curve was used as a thinking tool and as a symbol. Its shape reflects a law of nature that governs growth in living systems, and reflects the transformational character of change in our time. Many say the Sigmoid Curve is an algebraic function that suggest the theory that no growth is permanent or sustainable forever and that every growth curve will eventually hit a plateau point and eventually begin to decline unless momentum is increased to maintain the curve
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